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Who I Am?

My name is Paul Philippov. I am an independent consultant with strong skills in computer hardware, Linux, software programming, database planning, web development, IT strategy, photography and graphic arts.

You need a useful web site?

No problem. I will develop it for you in the best possible way, and help you set it up on your hosting server.

Have a web site but require a tricky script?

Send me your request and I will write it for you, and help to integrate it with your site.

I will create a professional business identity design package for you: logo, unique colour scheme, document templates, gift samples and electronic brand-book for print shops.

Please review samples of logo created by me.

You see there is nothing too impossible for me, so feel free to ask. You pay, I'll do. My clients say I am worth double the price I charge.

Why to order from me

I am a high-skilled specialist in web-design and programming. I develop web sites since 1996 and can create sites of any kind: from small personal home pages to big e-commerce systems with SQL-technologies and high-level security.

I write in pure HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl, Ruby. Know how to deal with XHTML and CSS, JavaScript including AJAX. I keep my eye on new technologies, have strong knowledge of Internet protocols and standards.

My web sites are compact and extremely fast!

I do not use any WYSIWYG editors to create pages. I write each line of code manually. Your visitors would not have to wait too long to open pages even on slow connections.

My web sites are search-engine friendly!

My scripts produce valid XHTML code. There is no junk tags in source. I use natural semantic document flow and CSS for pages layout.

My web sites are intuitive and easy to use!

I will make your site unique and eye-catching with its graphics. I'll make your communication with a site as comfortable as possible, using my long-term experience in creating ergonomically designed interfaces.

I am a professional software programmer and experienced web developer living in a constant moving between lakes of Ontario, Canada and Siberian woods of Russia. I have a great wife Eugenia who is a linguist, journalist, and a researcher for Eastern European markets. Both we travel a lot and visit other countries. In a spare time I likes to read books, play chess, or do some open source programming.

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